"The Hammer of the Gods in the Houses of the Holy"


A shadow falls over the city…. The giant airship that is “Lead Zeppelin”  floats over the countryside: The world’s greatest Led Zeppelin experience band.

Delivering an absolutely stunning show featuring Zeppelin’s legendary 1973 concert “The Song Remains the Same” performed in it’s entirety. Over two and half hours of music from the iconic 70’s super group, Lead Zeppelin takes to the stage with a mighty roar. 

Lead Guitarist Ben Fulton says “It’s a superb show – everyone in the band is a huge Zeppelin fan – we’re incredibly passionate about the music.” 

Singer Jamie Agnew pipes in “It’s how we learned our craft as teenagers, Zeppelin has been a massive part of our lives”. 

Concert goers will be floored by the attention to detail that the band has put into the music.  “There’s a lot of “tribute” groups that prance around in silly wigs and ill fitting costumes – we don’t bother with that – Jimmy Page himself summed it up best : “It’s all about the music”. 

The band uses the exact same equipment that Zeppelin used for their 1973 tour. Fulton says “It’s the only way to get that sound – all the right amplifiers, echo units, guitars, effects – the right ingredients to create the magic”. 

Fulton has built a career around guitar tone – he’s the owner and designer of Red Witch Analog Pedals – an internationally regarded guitar effects pedal company. Fulton’s pedals have been used by some of the world’s best musicians – Andy Summers, The Edge, Slash and even some ex members of Led Zeppelin! 

Fulton and Agnew were fortunate enough to spend some time with Led Zeppelin’s singer Robert Plant whilst on his recent world tour. “It was amazing, such a grounded and warm soul – it was an extraordinary experience to meet the man – and inspiring, he’s a constantly evolving musician”. 

Rounding out the band are Matt Payne – bass guitar/ Mellotron/ Fender rhodes and Tom Pierard pounding the skins. 

The caliber of the musicians involved is impressive – Matt has worked with AKANAME and The Red Eyes.. Ben played for the group “AHORIBUZZ”, TITAN and The Bones as well as holding down guitar duties for Jan Hellreigel. Jamie Agnew established himself as a classic rock singer of amazing ability with the group “Lightning Rod”. Tom Pierard currently tours with international artists “Strike”. 

The Lead Zeppelin show has been described as being "as close to the real thing as humanly possible" - Zeppelin fans owe it to themselves to come and soak in the spectacle.